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Locating the Vehicle

A copy of the title or registration (showing the lien holder) and the repossession authorization form is necessary for our services. The link or history of the GPS will also help us return your vehicle quickly. Depending on what you would like us to do, we either log into the GPS history or use a paper copy of it. Call us any time a payment for a vehicle, boat, trailer, skid loaders, or anything else is missed.

Collecting From Friends

If there is an instance where you helped someone purchase a vehicle under their name and has set up a contract for them to pay the loan for the vehicle, we can be of service. When the friend does not uphold their end of the agreement, we collect the collateral for you.

Auction Deliveries

Once the collateral has been repossessed, it is usually taken to an auction so you can recover some of the loss. We offer local auction deliveries as well. After we collect the collateral, we will be happy to take the repossessed vehicle to auction. We charge a flat fee of $35 for local auction deliveries. Anywhere outside our local area is a $2 per mile fee. Our goal is to make the overall process convenient for you.

GPS Removal, Washing, Vacuuming

Clean vehicles and GPS removal increase the value at the auction. We offer GPS removal, interior cleaning, exterior cleaning, and vacuuming to increase the appeal of the vehicle. By cleaning inside and out of the car, we make sure you get the most money from your collateral at auction. Please call for pricing.


We offer the lienholder 15 days of free storage, and $15 per day after that. 15-day free storage only applies to the lienholder if the debtor redeems collateral; 15-day storage may apply from the day the collateral was repossessed.